1st concertmaster of the ballet orchestra of the Netherlands , Amsterdam


what a dream profession: musician

when I first heard a violinist at school I knew : this is what I want....that was back in 1979. Since that day the violin has become my voice and a big part of my life.

First as a freelancer seeing the world, with ensembles and orchestras, in a string quartet and since 2004 as first concertmaster at het ballet orkest (the ballet orchestra) in Amsterdam.

Every evening to find the right sound for a wonderful pas de deux , being inspired by great colleagues and amazing dancers of the national ballet or the nederlands dans theater

In 2007 I found my voice: a wonderful violin “model Guarneri” by Thilo Kürten- Düsseldorf, Germany.

Check it out: http://www.geigenbau-duesseldorf.de